Blood Orange - Negro Swan




Format LP
Label Domino
Catalogue Number WIGLP421
Year 2018
Genre Electronic, Alternative, Hip Hop, Indie Pop, Contemporary R&B

Blood Orange

Negro Swan (LP / 2018)

Domino (WIGLP421)

Devonte Hynes is back, and on his fourth LP as Blood Orange he’s spreading his wings and flying. Negro Swan sees Hynes going even deeper into his examinations and celebrations of blackness than he did on 2016’s superb Freetown Sound. That LP balanced gorgeous pop and righteous philosophy with aplomb. On Negro Swan, Hynes manages to recapture the magic. Still anchoring his sound in early 90’s r&b and funk, Hynes grows into his voice like never before here. Some of the singing is nothing short of majestic. His step into the big leagues is confirmed by a guestlist that includes Puff Daddy and A$AP Rocky.


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A1 Orlando
A2 Saint
A3 Take Your Time
A4 Hope
A5 Jewelry
B1 Family
B2 Charcoal Baby
B3 Vulture Baby
B4 Chewing Gum
C1 Holy Will
C2 Dagenham Dream
C3 Nappy Wonder
C4 Runnin'
D1 Out Of Your League
D2 Minetta Creek
D3 Smoke