Peder Mannerfelt - The Screws That Hold The World Together
Format 12"/EP
Label Lazy Tapes
Catalogue Number LZYTPS003
Year 2018
Genre Electronic, Ambient, Leftfield, Techno

Peder Mannerfelt

The Screws That Hold The World Together (12"/EP / 2018)

Lazy Tapes (LZYTPS003)

Having delivered two gone-in-a-flash cassettes together with Ossia & Christoph De Babalon, it’s now time for Cera Khin’s LazyTapes imprint to unleash the first 12? release.

And it’s a hell of a record! Peder Mannerfelt at the controls, the self described purveyor of ‘power ambient’, a master of the freakier sides of rave music. A great addition to the output of the label, and we are sure that this 12? will sit high up with the quality of his vast output in recent years.

‘Shining Beacons Of Light’ is probably the banger of the three, working a flexible-contortion of rhythmic elements against a high-intensity layer of pitched-up strings and signature vocal loops with a counter-weight bassline. The result is a real workout for body & brain, a palpable, somewhat euphoric weapon for the dancefloor, that has proved to be a secret weapon for certain DJ’s in the know, whilst still having plenty of substance for recreational headphone usage.

‘The Toad’ takes the feeling of those strings from the title track and distills it into something exotic and dreamy, drifting into strange synthesis & distant female voice that lead to a headspace that is far away from the conventional.


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A1 Shining Beacons Of Light
A2 The Toad
B1 Every Day Had A Number