Pete Spiby - Failed Magician
Format LP
Label Be Lucky
Catalogue Number BLLP00003
Year 2018
Genre Rock, Heavy, Hard Rock

Pete Spiby

Failed Magician (LP / 2018)

Be Lucky (BLLP00003)

Spiby is probably most well known for being the leader of Black Spiders - renowned for the face melting rock n roll and unmatchable swagger. Groop Dogdrill were pure, uncut, weapons grade alt.rock napalm and Future eX Wife lovingly crushed anyone and anything in their path. In April 2017, Black Spiders gave their fans one final chance to raise their middle fingers aloft and yell ‘fuck you’ at their five, grizzled faces before hanging up their riding capes for good.

In the months leading up to their final shows, Spiby was undergoing rehabilitation. Not in the cliched rock n’ roll sense, dear reader, but for an operation on his left hand, which learned physicians say is an important part of the human anatomy when you’re doling out sweet riffs left, right and centre.

“When we did the farewell shows, it gave me such a confidence boost that I was even able to play guitar without the pain and medication that I’d had for the last 3 years,” says Spiby. “I decided that it was time to do the only thing I've been doing since I was at school.”

Please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, Failed Magician. It's the title of Spiby’s new solo release; it's not a concept album about sleight of hand tricks gone awry, accidentally sawing an assistant in half or drowning before a horrified studio audience.

“Me and Ozzy [Lister, former Spider riffologist] were working somewhere in the world,” explains Spiby, “and during a very one-sided drunken conversation, he slurred the words “I just don’t want to end up being a failed magician. It’s obviously not what he meant to say, but I kept it under my hat to use at some point in the future”.

There comes a time in a man’s life when the blues become mandatory listening and this in turn has informed his new songs. “I have sorrow in my pocket and exorcising the ghosts is a way out of the darkness,” he says. “There were a lot of deaths in rock during 2017 that made me think about mortality, depression and life.

There's a thread that goes through all of this and it’s basically a collection of domestic blues songs, sometimes seen from both sides of the story.


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A1 Lightning Bolt
A2 Bible Studies
A3 Friday Night
A4 We Used To Be Friends
A5 Why Not Let Them Come
B1 Wrap Me Round Your Little Finger
B2 Guiding Light
B3 Mary Lous Dawg
B4 Working For Mary Jane
B5 Thrown To The Wolves