Poor Boy Rappers - Low Rider Rap

Low Rider Rap (Vocal)

Format 12"/EP
Label Soul Jazz
Catalogue Number SJR 417-12
Year 2018
Genre Hip Hop, Disco

Poor Boy Rappers

Low Rider Rap (12"/EP / 2018)

Soul Jazz (SJR 417-12)

First of two unbelievably rare 1982 West Coast Electro Rap 12” singles.

Originally released on Raina Records out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Vocal and killer dubbed out instrumental arranged and conducted by the legendary Rich Cason.

An original copy recently sold for over £1000 on Discogs.

Very limited one-off pressing of 500 copies worldwide on Soul Jazz Records.


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A Low Rider Rap (Vocal)
B Low Rider Rap (Instrumental)